Back in college I recorded a bunch of music for fun and to improve my guitar playing and singing. The singing didn’t improve much, but the guitar playing did. Many of the clips haven’t aged well and I discarded the ones that even I can’t listen to anymore. What’s left are a few short clips of music that I made, sometimes with good friends, that I still enjoy listening too now and again. Occasionally I’ll post newer music as well.

Rhythm Guitar Practice Track


I signed up for actual guitar lessons with a real instructor back in September. This is a short track I composed to track my progress on Rhythm. Not perfect, but I had fun making it and I’m happy with how it turned out.

Walking Blues in E


First new music posted in 10 years! I’ve been working my way through the book Building Walking Basslines and also been inspired by Townes Van Zandt.

Back in Black


Just a quick demo of Back in Black. The song is actually pretty boring without vocals.

Brokeback Mountain Theme


Good stuff.

Relaxing - Carlos Rendon


A nice quiet relaxing song for after finals. Plus I got to use my old keyboard.

Little Ghost - White Stripes


I like this song a lot.

The Good, the Bad and, the Ugly - Movie Soundtrack


More fun on my part.

Weird (Instrumental) - Carlos Rendon


I made some pretty strange sounds with my guitar, it was fun.

Redemption Song (Instrumental) - Carlos Rendon


Yay, more generic guitar and drums.

Heavy Drums - Carlos Rendon


Yay, more generic guitar and drums.

Diddley - Carlos Rendon, Hydrogen Diddley Demo


I used the drum demo that comes with Hydrogen called Diddley to make this jazzy piece.

Eggs - Carlos Rendon


I got some eggs and a tamborine for my birthday. I also got 3 more arms and a guitar, which is how I can play so many instruments at once ;).

My Coyote - Drubius


Requested By: Me

I love this song, probably few others have heard it but it’s a good one. My Coyote - Guitar Tabulature

Sitarish (Instrumental) - Carlos Rendon


Requested By: Me

It’s been a while, and I decided to screw with my guitar tunings. So sit back relax and enjoy sitarish.

Song 2 (Instrumental) - Blur


On Drums: Nick Williams

Requested By: Me

For those of you who didn’t enjoy the last clip, this one should be a nice refresher. It’s pure music.. woohoo!

Get Into It - Nick, Carlos feat. Chewson


Requested By: Everyone!!

We came up with this dance mix in about 20 mins tonight.. it was an awesome moment. Hold tight for a better, longer version later.

Brainstew - Greenday


Requested by: nobody really

Guest Voice - umm… mystery guess

WOW I’ve got a drum machine, isn’t it wonderful? Can you guess who the guest voice is? I know who it is.

No Rain - Blind Melon


Requested by: Jaclyn

Here it is, for better or for worse. Check out the cool intro. I think it mixed pretty well. And, as usual… don’t make too much fun of my singing

I Can’t Wait - The White Stripes


Please don’t make too much fun of my singing