My lovely wife wrote herself a book. It’s a bedtime story for kids and as a crafy person, she created the illustrations which are hand-made amigurumi (crocheted doll characters) on felt backgrounds. Each page spread has it’s own character and in the back of the book are instructions for how to make each character.

So far the reviews have been positive. Our nephew keeps asking my sister to read it to him. My coworker’s wife is making the flower doll from the book. And a professional reviewer had this to say “An endearing bedtime storybook that highlights the importance of children in the lives of their parents.” -Readers’ Favorite

I couldn’t be more proud of my wife for sticking through the long process of both crafting the story, designing the scenes and characters, making the scenes and characters, photographing the characters in the scenes, creating the crochet instructions, testing the crochet instructions, figuring out how to publish, getting everything in the correct formats for publishing, ordering the books, setting up marketing. No wonder it took so long!!

Anyway if you are curious you can buy the book on Amazon

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