I love Rocket League. For those that don’t know, it’s a video game where you play “soccar” with rocket-powered cars. I’ve been playing it regularly for the past 6-7 months.

In the game there is a feature where you can save a replay of your games. One of the cool parts of the game is watching videos of other people’s replays on social media sites. Not having a computer with the ability to easily record videos of me playing, I wanted to be able to post sharable replays online. I wanted the full expereience of the in-game replay tool. So I created my own.

It’s called Turbo Carnival.

I’ve been using the website as an excuse to learn more about AWS. So the website itself runs on Elastic Beanstalk, replays are processed using AWS Lambda and stored in S3, the metadata is stored in DynamoDB. The replay viewer is built using THREE.js. I even modeled cars using Blender. Fortunatley for me there is already an open source project for decoding rocket league replays into json called Octane.

Check it out!