When I migrated my website to jekyll, I noticed in my old analytics that most of my site traffic was to my barbell calculator. So I was curious if people liked it and if they found it useful.

To find out, I added a survey with two questions, how much do you like this, and what would you change to make it better.

I learned that people like it (or at least are polite enough to say they like it).

In terms of how to make it better, I’ve gotten three pieces of feedback:

  • Add a 1.25 weight option
  • Use graphics for the barbell instead of weird text graphics
  • Make it easier to read on a phone

I’ve recently made the first two changes, it will be interesting to see if I continue to get feedback for improvement.

Graphics are implemented using D3.js and SVG. I made use of my never to be published D3 book/website that allows me to rapidly prototype D3 and SVG. More about that later.

Kinda weird the personal project that has gained the most use and traction is this one, a random thing I made for myself because I become much worse at math in the gym.

235 lbs

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